The activity of INLET SEAFISH, S.L. consists of importing and marketing of fish, seafood and other frozen products By adapting to the circumstances of the market, INLET SEAFISH, S.L. has added value to their activity enhancing the quality in the provision of its services and the treatment of the client and other interested parties.

INLET SEAFISH, S.L. is involved in the shared effort to make economic development compatible with the maximum quality in their products. To this end, we strive to improve our management through quality objectives that we set ourselves. This commitment goes beyond the limits of the applicable legislation and is based on the implementation of a system of continuous improvement that guarantees it.

For this reason, we have decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System according to the current IFS BROKER standard, and with this we differentiate ourselves from the competition and achieve customer loyalty.

We are committed to maintain the quality of the products and services we provide, in INLET SEAFISH, S.L. we have implemented a improvement system that allows us to protect our customers based on a series of criteria and values such as:

  • Implement and maintain a Quality Management System based on the current IFS BROKER v2 standard, completed with the definition of objectives, goals and subsequent updates, all aimed at continuous improvement.
  • Guarantee compliance with the legal requirements that affect our activities, especially those aimed at ensuring traceability and the hygienic-sanitary conditions of our products, as well as the applicable good practices and environmental legislation to reduce the impact of our containers and packaging.
  • Make rational use of the natural resources used, raw materials and energy, applying sustainability policies.
  • Commit our effort to the quality and safety of the products and services we provide.
  • Manage training actions with qualitative criteria for our staff of professionals, instilling a sense of excellence in dealing with the customer and other interested parties, respecting professional and personal ethics.
  • Identify and meet the needs of our customers, creating the right climate so that the claims and suggestions made by them enjoy the proper monitoring and achieve the satisfaction of these.
  • To promote the creative participation of all the workers at the company apropos the solution of problems and continuous improvement.
  • Involve suppliers and subcontractors in the Quality Management System.
  • Assume the commitment to comply with the requirements of the customer and other legal requirements that may be applicable and to continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

Finally, INLET SEAFISH, S.L. reviews and makes its Quality Policy available to the personnel, and any interested party that requests it.


Puerto de Sagunto, march, 4th, 2019