On 18th November, about 30 students from the Faculty of Veterinary and Experimental Sciences at the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir, made a visit to our facilities in Puerto de Sagunto to put into practice the essential aspects on the subject Hygiene and Food Safety II.

The fifth-year students are learning about the vision of the veterinary inspector in various areas of the food industry, acquiring necessary knowledge about the legislation involved in each field, the general structure of each sector and the particularities when it comes to performing controls and audits.

Alumnos de veterinaria durante la presentación de Inlet


Rafael Campuzano, a director of the company, personally welcomed the group on their arrival and took them on a guided tour of the facilities. In a relaxed manner, he gave a brief introduction on activity in this sector and INLET, as well as answering all the questions asked.

Later, we provided documentation so that students can perform an audit simulation and, in this way, put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

Alumnos de veterinaria de la UCV visitando las instalaciones frigoríficas

The trial was based on the Guide to Good Hygiene Practices in the Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated Storage Sector, edited by FEDACOVA and evaluated and approved by the General Directorate of Public Health of Valencia. The role of the veterinary inspector is to verify that the company complies with its self-regulation system, which in this case assured by implementing and monitoring as specified by this guide.

During the whole visit we collaborated with the group of future professionals and created a good work environment in which to carry out this practical workshop.